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15 May 2024

Westsail 32 Brisa For Sale

Está en inglés porque la mayoría de los compradores interesados leen en inglés.

You’re looking at a Westsail; so, you know what you’re looking at. Odds are you’re familiar with the reputation, popularity and success of the design.

Brisa in Linton Bay, Panama

This Westsail is one of the kit productions. The hull was laid in 1979 and finished-out by master woodworker Dugan Essick using Hawaiian koa wood paneling throughout. Dugan was working at the time for Westsail, finishing the interiors of the production boats. He now runs a woodworking school in Grass Valley, California.

Salon of Brisa looking forward

Dugan launched this Westsail in 1982. She sailed near her birth place for many years, then made the bash down to Baja California where she sailed until the current owner bought her. That’s me.

Sailing Brisa, looking aft from on deck, in moderate with one reef

We sailed in the Gulf of California for a year before crossing to mainland Pacific Mexico, down the Pacific coast of Central America to Panama and through the Panama Canal. We sailed in Panama for a year.

Motoring on a glassy sea, offshore of Columbia

This year we sailed from Panama across the Caribbean Sea to Grand Cayman, to Isla Mujeres, up through the Yucatan Straights to the Florida Straights and to Key West, where I have listed her home port, where she had never before visited. We skipped most of the keys, Miami and Fort Lauderdale offshore riding the Gulf Stream. I think she’s itching to see the Bahamas. A little turn to starboard would have landed us there. Or Bermuda. Or the Azores and the Canary Islands. Who knows? You know.

Looking at the Virginia Cut of the ICW from on deck of Brisa

Brisa is now sailing the northeastern United States Atlantic coastal waters. You’re getting a boat maintained in sailing form, not sitting on the hard or in a slip. Visit this Garmin Explore tracking link, for her current location exactly.

Brisa docked at Shelter Bay, Panama

Contacts after 15 June will have reply delayed until the second week of July.

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Brisa is waiting for you.

Brisa sailing out of Shelter Bay, Panama

Where will you take her?

The second half of the following video is fun.

Brisa moored at Grand Cayman


Brisa at 2024 haul-out in North Carolina

Brisa at anchor in Broad Creek, North Carolina

Brisa at anchor in Broad Creek, North Carolina

Brisa at anchor at Hampton, Virginia

Looking down the Chagres River, Panama from on deck of Brisa

Sailing Brisa with some wind on the beam

The sail inventory includes a new mainsail, a staysail, and three foresails. The foresails are: a 60% jib, 100% yankee, and 130% genoa. (Those are estimated percent of the area of the triangle formed by mast, forestay, and deck.) See them in the photos. There is also a storm trysail that runs on a separate track from the main. Find an article about using the trysail off the coast of Nicaragua, in the Papagayo. The article is written in Spanish and has pictures.

Flying the giant genoa of Brisa, downwind











Brisa in Grand Cayman

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